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For Coaches

For Coaches


We’re very happy to continue our partnership with USA Football and its Coaching Certification program. The goal for all of us is to ensure that all Pop Warner coaches are certified by USA Football to teach proper blocking and tackling techniques in a better and safer way. Pop Warner’s number one priority has always been the safety of our participants. Working with USA Football’s Coach Certification program is the latest step in delivering a safer program to all of our Pop Warner players.

You may register for USA Football Coaches Certification now by clicking here.


YCADA has officially launched the new highly anticipated Y101PW training course called The Coach’s Manual – Everything You Need to Coach Youth Cheer & Dance! This training has been designed for the Pop Warner coaching staff and is mandatory for all Pop Warner Cheer & Dance coaching staff listed on the spirit roster. The objective of this course is to both educate and motivate. We want to get your creative juices flowing. All aspects of coaching youth athletes will be discussed - everything from dreaded ‘paperwork’ to exciting championship preparation! We know you’re busy, so our goal is to keep this course to-the-point while covering all important elements of youth cheer and dance.

Click Here to sign up for the course.

For Parents

For Parents

Pop Warner ParentsPop Warner continues to make our program safer and better, while retaining what makes the sport so wonderful for young people.

Pop Warner places value on safety measures that make a difference. That’s why we have done things in football like reduce contact to 25% of practice time, eliminate kickoffs for our youngest divisions and require that any player who suffers a suspected head injury receive medical clearance from a concussion specialist before returning to play.

Giving our coaches the tools they need to teach the game the right way enhances those efforts. So we made USA Football’s Heads Up Football training mandatory for all Pop Warner coaches because a well-educated coach is critical to a safer football experience. Similarly, we require our cheer coaches to take the YCADA training. And we’re guided by an independent Medical Advisory Committee of neurosurgeons, sports medicine professionals, pediatricians and researchers.

We think sports like football, cheer and dance offer so much to a young person, from a fun, physically active lifestyle and a sense of teamwork to valuable life lessons like perseverance and sacrifice. To make it possible for them to enjoy those experiences we will never stop working to try and make football, cheerleading and dance safer.



How do I sign my child up to participate in Pop Warner?

All registrations take place through the local association. To locate the Pop Warner program in your area, please visit our Find Your Local League page. Once you find the league nearest you, you can navigate that league website to identify the name of your local association. Please contact your local program directly to register your child for the upcoming season.


How much does it cost for a child to join a Pop Warner program?

Registrations fee vary from program to program, and are determined by each individual Pop Warner member association. Fees are often based on what the program provides in return.


How old must a child be to participate in Pop Warner?

Football programs are open to youth participants ages 5-16. For Cheer & Dance, we offer programs for youth ages 3-17. A child’s age is determined by his/her age on July 31 of the current year.


Does my child need to tryout for his Pop Warner team?

No. Under Pop Warner’s governance, member programs are not permitted to hold tryouts. Teams are also not allowed to cut any players who has expressed a desire to participate. In addition, Pop Warner has a mandatory play requirement to encourage all kids to participate in competition.


How are participants placed in age divisions?

In Football, we offer our leagues and associations two tracks to choose from – Age-based and Age/Weight-based. Each program may choose which track is best for them. The Age-Based tracks features divisions of kids of the same age, such as 8 & under, 9 & under, etc. The Age/Weight-based feature players similar in age and weight. Click here or more detailed information. Meanwhile, Cheer & Dance participants are placed in Age-based divisions ranging from Junior Tiny Mite (Ages 3-4) through to Bantam (Ages 14-17).


Cheer & Dance has a diverse set of disciplines; which will my child participate in?

Pop Warner provides team skill levels for Cheer Teams (Core Cheer, Show Cheer PW 1-4) and for Dance Teams (Pom Performance, Theme Dance & Hip Hop). These skill levels are determined with consultation from YCADA. Pop Warner also offers additional competition opportunities in Sideline Performance Cheer. Your local program will determine in which of these your child’s team will compete.


Is it safe for my child to participate in Pop Warner?

While injury is always a risk in contact sport or athletic activity, Pop Warner has a medical advisory committee of neurosurgeons, sports medicine professionals, pediatricians and researchers that steer athlete safety protocols for football and cheer & dance. In football, we've instituted the nation's most advanced safety measures, including limiting contact to 25% of practice time; eliminating kickoffs and the three-point stance for our youngest divisions; banning full-speed, head-on tackling and blocking drills; and mandating that any player who suffers a suspected head injury receive medical clearance from a medical professional trained in concussion evaluation and management before returning to play. The same rigorous guidance is devoted to cheer & dance, as well. In addition, all Pop Warner coaches are required to get appropriate and relevant training and certifications each season.


Is there an academic requirement to participate?

Yes. Proof of satisfactory progress in school is required. A 2.0/70% or the equivalent shall be the minimum grade point average acceptable to participate. Those who do not meet this requirement, or home-schooled students can still play if they follow the alternative eligibility process which is monitored by progress reports.


My child received a scholarship; how does the college receive those funds?

At the time your child was awarded the scholarship, a cover letter with instructions was included with the scholarship. Please refer to that letter for next steps. This is how to best expedite funding. If you cannot locate the letter, feel free to email [email protected].


What information do I need to provide to receive the scholarship funds?

We require notification in writing from your child’s chosen college or university stating that he/she is enrolled as a full-time student.  We also need your child’s college ID number to enter on the check that we will send directly to that college.


If there’s no Pop Warner program in my area, how do I start one?

There are two options. The existing league and/or association in your area can join Pop Warner, or you can start a brand new program. For more information on chartering with Pop Warner, please visit


How do I sign up to coach or volunteer with my local program?

These sign ups take place with the local association. To locate the Pop Warner program in your area, please visit our League Finder page. Once you find the league nearest you, you can navigate that league website to identify the name of your local association. Please contact your local program directly to inquire about coaching or volunteering.


What is required to coach or volunteer?

All coaches and volunteers – regardless of position – are required to pass a national background check. This is required of all individuals who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with youth participants. All coaches are required certifications in their respective sports – a USA Football certification or a YCADA certification. The local program may have additional requirements.

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