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Pop Warner Community Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The Community Advisory Board is structured to foster open discussion and constructive feedback that aims to enhance the Pop Warner experience.

About the Pop Warner Community Advisory Board

The 2022-2023 class of the Pop Warner Community Advisory Board (CAB) will consist of active administrators who will consult directly with Pop Warner’s senior leadership in a series of three focused, small group virtual meetings with the goal of elevating the organizations’ efforts toward recruitment and growth.


  • Up to sixteen (16) positions on the CAB are open for the 2022-2023 class.
  • For this class, CAB members will include league administrators.
  • Application process will open each year on August 15, with an application deadline of August 31.
  • Applications will be sent directly to league presidents via email on August 15.
  • Those selected to serve on the CAB will be notified by September 15.
  • Each CAB member serves a one-year term.
  • CAB members are expected to attend at least two of the three meetings during the term.
  • Meetings will take place virtually, through Zoom, and be held in October, February and June. Exact dates are TBD.
  • CAB meetings are held on weeknights and usually last about one hour.
  • CAB members can expect each meeting to include a guest speaker from Pop Warner, and time spent working on CAB business.
  • CAB member names and affiliations will be disclosed each year.

2021-2022 Community Advisory Board Members

  • Julie Hoistion – Watertown Giants (Eastern)
  • Mike Last – West Haven Seahawks (New England)
  • Anthony Palacqua – Deer Valley Pop Warner (Wescon)
  • Ramona Brookins – Woodville Jaguars (Southeast)
  • Kristen McCullough – Oviedo Lions (Southeast)
  • Martha Vadney – Colonie Raiders (Eastern)
  • Bob Lockerby – Coastal Cowboys (Mid-South)
  • Amy Salas - San Antonio Wolverines (Southwest)
  • Charles Porter – Souderton Braves (Eastern)
  • Duane Rutledge – East Bay Warriors (Pacific Northwest)
  • Gene Gamson – Mt Baldy Conference (Wescon)
  • Lorelei Mobley – Algonquin Argonauts (Mid-America)


Pop Warner Little Scholars

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