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Pop Warner Little Scholars YOUR FUTURE BEGINS HERE!


Something new!  The Wilmington Eagles are ready to dance!!  This team is from North Carolina which is apart of the Mid-South Region. They were a cheer team before, but after receiving such positive feedback from their first hip hop routine the coaches decided to try something different.  They are excited to be an all dance team now and are ready to compete in the PW Pom Performance division!  Coach Kenisha said she enjoys coaching dance because it is something new and the girls can learn styles and technique.  She also said that she loves coaching this team because they are hungry to be the best.  The Eagles are excited to be at Nationals, but they are also looking forward to the Pop Warner Party on Monday night as well!

Welcome back to the National Championships Fort Osage!  This experienced Jr Varsity team is comprised all all returning athletes except for one new addition.  It is a bitter sweet finale to the season for some, five girls will be trying out for the High School team in the spring.  But this team is well aware that their coaches have trained and prepped them for the next level of cheerleading.
The Indians have had a successful season thus far.  Not only a first place at their local event, they captured the High Awards for jumps, stunts, and overall Grand Champion. The earned Grand Champion at the Regional Event as well.
The team says a prayer prior to each performance.  This year they prayed for one last trophy.  Good Luck Fort Osage!

Go Fort Osage!  Returning back to Nationals are the Fort Osage Indians from Missouri!  This co-ed team is from the Mid-America Region.  They believe their success is a combination of encouraging coaches and participants who work well as a team.  Before and after each competition, they have a special team chant to get them excited to hit the mats.  They are a year round team as well!  The Indians are looking forward to finishing strong at Nationals and getting back to the performance floor in January! 

Jr. Pee Wee Hobart Brickies from Northern Indiana in the Mid America Region are in the house!  They are not new to the National Championships, this association has a long history of Champions. 
Facing so many of the same challenges as many of the teams this season, they are just grateful to have the opportunity to perform.  After placing first at their local event, many of the athletes were exposed to COVID, therefore the team was unable to attend the Mid America region event. The coaches and parents number one goal for the month of November...Just keep the team healthy!
The team is really enjoying their time in Florida and are enjoying Universal Studios. Good Luck today Brickies!  We are so glad you are here!


Making their way back to Nationals is the 7-1-9 Lady Outlaws from Colorado in the Southwest Region! The majority
of their team is returning and they plan to execute their routine with lots of excitement!  Last year, they placed in
the top 5 of the Mitey Mite division.  This year, they are back, but in the JPW division and ready to take the top spot.  They believe the best part of their routine is the team tumbling!  This team has worked hard and they have been dedicated to making this the best season ever. 

Positivity Counts!  The Northeast Vikings from San Antonio, TX, home for the Southwest Region, are making their 1st National appearance this year!  They have endured many obstacles, but have preserved through them all.  Some of their challenges forced them to get creative and start practicing through zoom.  Although they could not practice in person, they used zoom as an outlet to continue working on team building, jumps, and their routine.  Through all of the challenges, the coaches believe the girls have learned so many lessons along the way.  According to the coaches, the girls have really worked hard as a team and have gotten very close.  They are a group of positive girls and their spirit really shows by the way they encourage each other.  Although they are excited about competing, the girls say they are also looking forward to swimming after the awards ceremony!


The Coastal Cowboys Little Annie Oakleys are from Wilmington, North Carolina representing the Mid-South Region.  They have 9 out of 13 girls returning from last year and they are excited to be at Nationals!  Although the team started practice late this season, the coaches believe the team stayed motivated because of the safety measures in place for everyone.  Each cheerleader has worked hard and are ready to leave everything on the performance floor.
The president from the Coastal Conference, Denise Mintz, sent all the girls candy bags with a motivational message before their performance.  The candy bags included sweet suckers and candy canes.  Her message said, “Sending you hugs and kisses cause I am a sucker for you.  Remember you CANE do anything!” 

New team alert! Meet the Piedmont Elite Panthers from Greensboro, NC!  They are from the Mid-South Region. With a group of experienced coaches, this team was destined to make their mark at Nationals.  Coach Chelsea Rice, who is also president of the Piedmont Elite Panthers Association, said she had a group of supportive parents and cheerleaders with positive attitudes and that was the recipe for their team’s success.  This group is also a dual team and performing their sideline routine during Monday’s competition.  The team is looking forward to going home with the top trophy in hand, fun times at Universal and the pool after competition!


The Dream Team!!!  That is what the Hagerty Huskies Varsity team from the Mid-Florida Conference in the Southeast Region call themselves because they work hard and are always willing to always help each be successful.  The majority of this team has cheered together since they were in the JPW division.  Now in their fourth and final season together, they are ready to win it all!  One of the most impressive things about this team is there are 16 scholar athletes.  The Huskies are poised and ready to show the nation why hard work, dedication, experience combined with a willingness to give 100% are why they are the Dream Team!

Cheerleading is more than a sport, it’s an attitude! The South Pasco Predators are dedicated to the goals set for their team.  The team was not going to let anything stop them from starting the season.  Through creativeness and teamwork,  this Junior Pee Wee large squad began with indoor virtual practice on Zoom, and due to the Florida weather, was able to conduct their virtual practices outside. This type of practice took outstanding organization skills because the returning girls were teaching the new girls jumps and arm motions through the new norm of virtual means.  To keep the momentum going they use team chants to keep the Pasco Predators spirit up. Great opportunities come to those who make the most out of small ones, and the South Pasco Predators are at Nationals for the chance at a National Championship!

Cheerleaders are loud and proud, and the Palm City Dolphins Mitey Mite Show Cheer team is just that.  The Dolphins brand is so strong the team has eight girls that moved up from tiny mite, four girls returned from the previous year who made it to the 2019 National Championship, and was able to add nine new cheerleaders who’ve never cheered before. One of the grandest parts of being a cheerleader is bonding moments, triumphs, and teamwork.  This team is a hardworking and very enthusiastic group of young ladies with different personalities that keep things fun.  The girls miss cheering at the games, but Coach Angela keeps them focused on the prize of winning a National Championship. One of the magnificent parts of the program is the cheerleaders who come back as coaches.
Coach Carina started with the Palm City Dolphins at age five and is now a junior coach.  She believes in the Pop Warner brand, loves what she does, and thinks the team is successful because the team beats with one heart. Can you feel the heart? Yes, you can with the Palm City Dolphins Mitey Mite Show Cheer team!

Hard work and a commitment to excellence is their formula for success!  The Pine Hills Trojans JV team are from the Mid-Florida Conference of the Southeast Region.  They have a new group of girls this year, but Coach Ciara said they are sweet, hard workers, not shy to be themselves and eager to learn.  They are ready for the challenge!  Pine Hills is a dual team and will compete in the Pom Performance division on Monday.  Coach Ciara said they are aiming for the #1 spot at Nationals then heading to Globals!

When you want to make your first impression your best! Experiencing several firsts seems to be a theme for the DeLand Bulldogs Junior Pee Wee Show Cheer. According to Coach Megan, this is the first time these girls have cheered together, the first time cheering for half the squad, and the team's first-time attending Nationals. They are hoping to take home 1st place. The DeLand Bulldogs are extremely excited to have a chance at a Nationals championship.  The squad has worked together to keep grades up, encourage one another, and have been committed to their aspirations as well as each other by staying safe and not letting COVID keep them from their ultimate goal.  Through the highs and lows the strong friendships built by the team has allowed them to pull through by any means necessary by working to the max.  Go Bulldogs!!!

Can’t hide that Saints pride! The St. Augustine Saints Junior Pee Wee Show Cheer team is ready for a National Championship.  This squad has been together for six years and has made tremendous improvements this season.  The girls learn fast, are relentless during the performance, and have persevered during COVID, hoping to take home a championship.  According to coach Ashley, the squad won second place at Regionals and have worked hard to make sure that today’s performance would be unforgettable.  The coaches feel fortunate to have supportive parents who treat each other like one family. This year is the team's third time at Nationals, and they are hoping three times the charm for 1st place! Saints Pride!!

This is the Highland Titans first trip to the National Championship.  To say they are excited is an understatement. Like so many teams this season, there were some difficult times keeping the team together, an athlete dropped this week. 
This young  Jr. Pee Wee team from Northern Indiana is looking forward to perhaps being year round and the opportunities that the winter and spring may bring.      
This group is one of the lucky teams and was fortunate to be able to cheer for football games this season.
Now that the business of their trip is complete,  they are looking forward to some down time.  Going to the pool at Cabana Bay, and to the Party on Monday night. Go Titans!!!

Northern Indiana in the house!  The Highland Titans are from Northern Indiana located in the Mid-America Region.  They are a dual team and competing in both Sidelines Cheer and Show Performance Cheer divisions. Like many other teams, they faced many challenges this year.  One of those challenges included losing a stunt group, so they had to recreate their routine.  They were able to overcome those challenges and are now a stronger team. They Titans excited to compete, but they are also looking forward to some team building time after competition.  They are planning to make ornaments together and then head to Universal Studios! 

The Knox Redskins are representing Northern Indiana, in the Mid-America Region.
The team is staying at the Cabana Bay Resort, and so far their favorite part of the trip...The beach pool of course!   They are also very excited for the Pop Warner Party Monday evening.  
This young Jr. Pee Wee team is  attending Nationals for the very first time.  The coaches and the girls have worked through so many obstacles that 2020 brought to them.   Losing one half of the team over the course of the season was probably the biggest challenge, but according to the coaches, the remaining girls kept pushing forward and stayed positive.  The team took first place at the Mid- America Regional Competition in November and would love to add another first this weekend.  
Their favorite thing about practice is stunting, tumbling and getting to spend time with each other.   
Goal for today..."just have fun". Good Luck Knox Redskins!

Good morning from the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.  If you can't be here to watch your favorite team LIVE, be sure to catch them on FloCheer at for the live streaming.  You will see some familiar faces again this year. Ruben from Ycada/Jamz is the event announcer and Stevie D is DJ and entertainment! 
The teams are warmed up and ready to take the floor at the 2020 National Cheer and Dance Championships.  Be sure to check out the Pop Warner National Cheer and Dance Facebook Page for LIVE FEEDS, Photos and recaps of this years event.



 Boca Braves Varsity, from Boca Raton, Florida,  is not new to the National   Championships.  Last year they achieved 2nd place in the Sideline Performance Cheer   division.  This year, they want it all! Last weekend at the Southeast Regional   Championships the team were not only champions in the Sideline Performance Cheer   division, but also in Show Cheer Level 2 Medium.  They are striving for dual National   Championship titles. 
 Under the direction of Coach Faith Gliniecki, this is a veteran team with 15 of the 18   athletes returning from last years team.  Four of them will age out after this season.   Performing both Sunday and Monday leaves little time for the team to enjoy Universal   Studios, but they are all looking forward to the Pop Warner party Monday night.
But this team is not done after this weekend.  They would love to attend Global’s in   Atlantic City in February.  GOOD LUCK BOCA BRAVES!


Good afternoon and welcome to the 2020 Pop Warner Cheer and Dance Championships!  As usual, the championships will not disappoint! There may be a different look and feel this year, but we are very excited to be working with Florida Citrus Sports and Universal Orlando Resorts.  We know you will agree, the Orange County Convention Center is an amazing venue for our teams to shine.  We have an incredible two days of competition, with approximately 214 performances from the Mid-America, Mid-South, Eastern, Southwest and the Southeast regions, all hoping to achieve a title and be crowned Pop Warner National Champion.

Due to the current public health landscape, many precautions are being enforced to keep our participants, coaches, volunteers and spectators safe. The health and safety of all is our top priority and Pop Warner, Universal Orlando Resorts, Florida Citrus Sports and the Orange County Convention Center have all worked together to create additional safeguards to supplement the standard CDC, state and local guidelines. Temperature checks will be performed on anyone entering the arena. Masks are required by all at all times. The only time athletes will not have to wear a mask is during their performance.  Spectator viewing limited to standing room only where spectators may enter at the start of their team’s performance and leave once the performance is over. The team and spectators are then asked to return to the resort/home to watch the live stream.  FloCheer will be covering the Live Streaming on

We are excited to host our OPEN divisions for non-Pop Warner teams that have not had a national championship this year. Looks for those teams on Monday afternoon. 

Check back often to find heartwarming, inspirational stories of your favorite teams here at the National Championships. 
Be sure to check out all our social media outlets and use the #PopWarnerCheerandDance and #PWChampionships2020


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