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Pop Warner Little Scholars YOUR FUTURE BEGINS HERE!

National Sportsmanship Recipients

Each year at the Pop Warner Super Bowl, with support from the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) and Spirit Cups Fundraising, Pop Warner Little Scholars' selects participating teams who display outstanding sportsmanship throughout the week-long tournament.

Division I
  VA Beach Mustangs, VA Jr. Pee Wee
  Eastbay Wildcats, CA Pee Wee
  Far West Jets, AZ Jr. Midget
  Old Town Gators, MD Midget
  Reno Miners, NV Unlimited

Division II
  Ft. Collins Outlaws, CO Jr. Pee Wee
  Hoffman Estates Redhawks, IL Pee Wee
  Los Gatos Panthers, CA Jr. Midget
  Fort Myers Firecats, FL Midget

Division I
  Gilbert Chandler Bruisers, AZ Jr. Pee Wee
  Harvey Colts, IL Pee Wee
  VA Beach Mustangs, VA Jr. Midget
  New Britain Raiders, CT Midget

Division II
  Hoffman Estates Redhawks, IL Jr. Pee Wee
  Salinas Cardinals, CA Pee Wee
  Loveland Titans, CO Jr. Midget
  Tamiami Colts, FL Midget

Division I
  Fort Collins Outlaws, CO Jr. Pee Wee
  Redwood City 49ers, CA Pee Wee
  Beacon House Falcons, D.C. Jr. Midget
  Kaneohe Knights, HI Midget

Division II
  Colorado Springs War Dogs, CO Jr. Pee Wee
  Coastal Cowboys, N.C. Pee Wee
  Hoffman Estates Redhawks, IL Jr. Midget
  Panaewa Ali’I, HI & West Lynn Rams Midget

Division I
  Wainae Tigers, HI Jr. Pee Wee
  Holy Cross Knights, TX Pee Wee
  Dorchester Eagles, MA Jr. Midget
  Canyon Hills Lancers, CA Midget

Division II
  Bedford Jr. Bulldogs, N.H. Jr. Pee Wee
  Loveland Titans, CO Pee Wee
  Coastal Cowboys, NC Jr. Midget
  West Lynn Rams, MA Midget

Division I
  Holy Cross Knights, TX Jr. Pee Wee
  Marshall Heights Bisons, DC Pee Wee
  Brookline Jamaica Plains Patriots, MA Jr. Midget
  Florida City Razorbacks, FL Midget

Division II
  Franklin Cowboys, TX Jr. Pee Wee
  Kapolei Titans, HI Pee Wee
  Berkeley Bears, CA Jr. Midget
  North Raleigh Bulldogs, NC Midget

Division I
  Saddleback Valley, CA Jr. Pee Wee
  King Philip Chiefs, MA Pee Wee
  Canyon Hills Cowboys, CA
Watkins Hornets, DC
Jr. Midget
  Kaneohe Knights, HI Midget

Division II
  Quakertown Panthers, PA Jr. Pee Wee
  College Station Raiders, TX Pee Wee
  Far West Jets, AZ Jr. Midget
  Port St. Lucie Pirates, FL Midget

Division I
  Nanakuli Hawks Jr. Pee Wee
  Arlington Thunder Pee Wee
  Southfield Falcons Jr. Midget
  Santa Margarita Mustangs Midget

Division II
  Michigan City Wolves Jr. Pee Wee
  Sparks Wolfpack Pee Wee
  New Jersey Giants Jr. Midget
  Shrewsbury Colonials Midget

Division I
  Boston Raiders Jr. Pee Wee
  Nanakuli Hawks Pee Wee
  Winston-Salem Indians Jr. Midget
  Frankford Chargers Midget

Division II
  North Long Beach Panthers Jr. Pee Wee
  Almaden Mustangs Pee Wee
  West Valley Falcons Jr. Midget
  Valencia Park Hornets Midget

Division I
  White Oak Warriors Jr. Pee Wee
  Westlake Chaps Pee Wee
  Arlington Thunder Jr. Midget
  Freedom Drive Broncos Midget

Division II
  LaVernia Grizzlies Jr. Pee Wee
  Capital City Steelers Pee Wee
  Darlington Braves Jr. Midget
  Oakmont Chargers Midget

  East Bay Wranglers Jr. Pee Wee
  Hollister Vikings Jr. Pee Wee
  Park Hill Panthers Jr. Midget
  Yorba Linda Aztecs Midget

  Douglas Tigers Jr. Pee Wee
  North Hampton Indians Jr. Pee Wee
  Nanakuli Hawks Pee Wee
  Lihue Patriots Pee Wee
  Cambrian Valley Longhorns Jr. Midget
  Mesa Moccasins Jr. Midget
  Columbus Browns Midget

  Division I  
  Palo Alto Knights (CA) Jr. Pee Wee
  Southeast Apaches (TX) Pee Wee
  Division II  
  North Philadelphia Aztecs (PA) Jr. Pee Wee
  Lee's Summitt Tigers (MO) Pee Wee

  Division I  
  Huntington Beach Chargers (CA) Jr. Midget
  Division II  
  Cambrian Valley Longhorns (CA) Midget

  Division I  
  Garden Villa Giants (TX) Jr. Pee Wee
  Division II  
  Kalani Falcons (HI) Pee Wee

  Division I  
  Chariho Cowboys (RI) Jr. Midget
  Division II  
  Tucson Dolphins (AZ) Jr. Midget


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