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May, 2024

A Parent's Guide: Selecting the Best Fit in Youth Sports

Pop Warner wouldn't exist without the tireless effort of our wonderful volunteers. We love to recognize these remarkable leaders. The following article comes from Greater Jacksonville Pop Warner President Tommy Johnston, who shares insight with parents to help them navigate all of their youth sports options.

Finding the perfect fit for your young athlete in the world of youth sports can be a challenge. While intuition plays a key role, asking the right questions is crucial. Here are some essential points to consider:

  1. Is this organization registered with the State as a Non- Profit Youth Sports Organization and if so are they current?

  2. Does this organization have a Board of Directors that consist of more than 2 or 3 individuals?

  3. Does this organization have a website where you can view their Board of Directors, Bylaws, Mission Statement, Code of Conduct, sports they offer, etc.

  4. Do they offer online registration rather than cash payments to a coach?

  5. Ask for their insurance coverage.

  6. Do they background check their coaches and provide coaches education and continuing education for their coaches?

  7. Ask them if they file their taxes for the sports association?

  8. Ask if they provide a financial statement monthly to their Board of Directors? If not, ask to see a current financial statement.

  9. What is this organization doing for the community? Are they having annual outreach functions? Are they engaging in the community at the local schools, churches etc.

Beyond the Checklist:

As a parent, it's crucial to assess the overall atmosphere of the organization and its impact on the community. Is it genuinely committed to serving children, or is its focus primarily on personal gain?

My experience as a league president for 6 years and board member for 23 years has shown me that Pop Warner consistently meets these criteria. It's a well-structured organization dedicated to fostering the growth of young athletes. If you're seeking an exceptional environment for your child, explore if there's a Pop Warner league in your area. You can connect with the right people to help you get started.


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