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Feb, 2024

Sharing an Important Role

Owners of professional sports teams often explain that their role transcends ownership of a stadium and a team. Most of them – the best ones – understand they are stewards of their franchises. Franchises that existed before them and will exist after them. That rings true for anyone involved in an institution with history, and that has the interest and passion of a community. An institution in which people feel invested and proud.

Pop Warner is an institution like that, and I know any of us who devote so much of our days to it – from the full time staff in the national office to the thousands of selfless volunteers and athletes and families – we feel a connection that is more powerful than our individual role. We are one team working together for a shared purpose.

That’s something we discussed among the national and regional teams at our annual meeting in Philadelphia earlier this month. The decisions we make are meant to foster a positive experience for the girls and boys who are Pop Warner.  But our work is also meant to make sure Pop Warner is in a position to serve its mission for many years to come.

As we prepare for our 96th season, I am grateful for the people who continue to believe in our approach to youth sports. The people who believe in the emphasis on player safety; on building young men and women of character; on fostering a team-first approach; on the importance of academics. Those values and points of emphasis are brought to life by coaches, moms and dads, volunteer administrators and every one who appreciates that Pop Warner is bigger than any individual and its purpose will always focus on the kids who put that uniform on.

As always, thank you!

Jon Butler
Executive Director


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