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Aug, 2022

A Letter to Our Volunteers: Thank You!

As Pop Warner teams around the country prepare to start play for our 94th season I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you to the thousands of people who devote their time and energy to ensure our young people have the opportunity to be kids and participate in sports they love.  

We all lead busy lives these days, between work and family and a thousand activities jamming our schedules. Supporting Pop Warner at the grassroots level is no small task. It’s often coaching many hours in the hot sun in some parts of the country and frigid, dark evenings in other parts. Volunteering in a snack shack, organizing team events and handing out uniforms. It’s judging cheer and dance competitions and working the chains on the sideline of a football game. Board meetings and team dinners. It may sometimes feel thankless. Please know it isn’t. 

My high school football coach was tough. There were no shortage of criticisms for the players, often delivered with a bark. When you achieved success and nailed your assignment you’d look over for a thumbs up or a verbal pat on the back. It was never there. Several years later, I ended up coaching under him.  When I interviewed for the job, he told me that he’d recently been reviewing game film from my playing days. He cited a specific play we ran and said, 'For the life of me, I don’t understand why we didn’t run that play to your side more – we always made excellent yardage with it.’ Obviously, it didn’t help during my playing days but it gave me a nice confidence boost to start my coaching career.

He was a good coach and a good man. I’d like to think if he had been coaching at the Pop Warner level he would have seen the value of occasional positive affirmations. Because it’s what I see in action when visiting our teams. We have so many great adult role models who work hard to go beyond teaching the fundamentals of the sport. You are shaping lives. Thank you. 

Have a fun, safe and rewarding season!

Jon Butler


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