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YCADA Skill Games Overview

YCADA Skill GamesYCADA Skill Games Halftime Challenge is a two-team cheerleading skill based sports competition match where two teams successfully execute preset routines on the competition surface. These routines are based on YCADA Level Rules 1 and are divided into distinct quarters:

  • Stunts - Pyramids (Quarter 1)
  • Jumps - Tumbling (Quarter 2)
  • Motions - Dance (Quarter 3)

The goal of each Skill Games “Match” is for a team to score by executing the routine with fewer errors than their opponent. Each Skill Games competition season will be published at the start of the season.

The Goal of the development of YCADA Skill Games is to provide an additional competitive outlet for teams to compete in head-to-head matchups in League, Association, or Organizational play which helps in the development of the fundamentals involved in the sport of cheerleading. Skill Games is not meant to take the place of traditional cheerleading competitions and performances.

Skill Games is meant to be an additional competitive format to improve the fundamentals of the sport of cheerleading thereby improving the overall competitiveness of these teams in more traditional forms of cheerleading competitions.

Contest Rules & Regulations

Below are the basic rules and procedures for the 2017 YCADA Halftime Skill Games Challenge Contest. Please note, this contest is AVAILABLE TO JR. PEE WEE THROUGH BANTAM DIVISIONS! Tiny-Mite and Mitey-Mite teams can compete in the SpacePOP Halftime Challenge Competition.

  • The contest runs from September 1 - 26. No entries will be accepted after September 26.
  • Teams must coordinate with their Associations and opposing teams to arrange for a Skill Games Halftime Challenge during an upcoming game.
  • YCADA Skill Games consists of 3 rounds of competition:
    1. Quarter 1: Stunts-Pyramids (Level 1 Routine, 1 point each)
    2. Quarter 2: Jumps-Tumbling (Level 1 Routine, 1 point each)
    3. Quarter 3: Motions-Dance (Level 1 Routine, 1 point each)
    4. Tiebreaker: If score remains tied at end of quarter 3, teams will enter a Tiebreaker. Teams will perform Level 2, Motions-Dance. The winner of the overtime battle will be declared the winner.
  • You will need someone to videotape the entire performance! Please capture both teams performing side-by-side. Use a video camera or a doesn't need to be professional quality, but we need to clearly see each performance.
  • After the game, teams can then fill out the Skill Games Halftime Challenge Contest Entry Form.
  • Your video must be uploaded to a website so that you can provide a link to your video. I.e. Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • After the contest deadline, a Panel will select the top Skill Games Halftime Challenge and BOTH teams will receive a Trophy or Plaque highlighting your GameDay victory!
  • The winning Battle will be announced on Friday, September 29 and featured on and our National Social Media Accounts.

If you have any questions throughout the contest, please ask  your local Association Cheer & Dance Coordinator, or you can email us at [email protected]. Good luck to all teams, we hope to see some great "Battles!"

Fill Out the Skill Games Halftime Challenge Contest Entry Form


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