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Schutt Sports: Can Safer Helmets Prevent Concussions?

Schutt CBSNo issue is more widely debated in sports than concussions, especially in football.

The most common questions: can concussions be prevented and how?  Sports-related concussions are an issue that's plaguing athletes of all ages, across the world. But did you know that some of the most progressive work and research of helmets is taking place in Illinois?

If you've ever played football, you've worn a helmet, and chances are that helmet came from a factory in Litchfield, Illinois. At Schutt Sports helmets are manufactured, painted, assembled and packaged.

"What I have in my hand here is basically how your sons and daughter, and basically everyone's football helmets start right here," said Glenn  Beckman, Schutt marketing director.

Schutt is the leading football helmet manufacturer in the world. Its clients include youth leagues, more than 800 colleges, and N.F.L. teams, including the Green Bay Packers. Like the rest of the football world, Schutt feels the impact of concussions.

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