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PWLS & Science Cheerleaders to Study Microbes in Space

Schience Cheerleader logoAs part of their ongoing national partnership with Pop Warner, the Science Cheerleaders will help youth cheerleaders and football players across the country collect and analyze microbes through mid-August. Some of the samples will be sent to the International Space Station.

The Science Cheerleaders have already collected microbes at the Sacramento Kings, Orlando Magic, San Antonio Spurs and Philadelphia Phillies games with more exciting venues to follow. And now, they're setting our sights on Pop Warner!

The first 50 Pop Warner teams to sign up (from unique zip codes) will get to join our science team, and collect DNA from their environment! The microbial DNA in the sample will be sequenced, and combined with thousands of other samples to help map out the microbial diversity of the places we go and the things we bring with us. Participants will receive a shoe and phone sampling kit along with instructions.

Pop Warner cheer and football teams can sign up by July 10 simply by emailing Darlene@SciStarter.com with the team name, city/state and a point of contact.

At least one team’s samples will be selected to fly on the International Space Station, where we will look at how near zero gravity affects its growth!!

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