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Eastern Region VRD Honored for 32 Years of PWLS Service

Longtime Pop Warner volunteer Lyle Malbouf says he and his wife Diane don’t count the number of years they’ve been married -- they count the number of Pop Warner football seasons that have passed since their wedding day.

They even had to change the date of their wedding because of a conflict with Pop Warner, Malbouf said.

“It really takes a whole family to do what I do,” Malbouf said. “It’s a sacrifice of the whole family with the missed suppers, eating with phone calls interrupting you, and planning family events around games.”

A graduate of the Canastota High School’s class of 1981, Malbouf was an all-star football player and wrestler during his school years. He said he missed the camaraderie of the sport after he graduated, especially “the team atmosphere, where everybody worked together,” he said.

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