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YCADA’s Online Competition Training Now Available

YCADA LogoThe new YCADA online training course "The Competitive Edge" is now available, and designed specifically for Pop Warner coaches. 

You''ll have access to the same training course YCADA uses to train their event judges.  Building a championship routine isn't just about being creative.  Coaches need to know how to maximize their points on the score sheet.

Not only will coaches learn how to interpret the rules, the types of YCADA judges, etc., but also how to build their routine to score higher.  This is not your typical coach training program.  This is the real scoop on what the judges are required to learn.

Coaches will have the opportunity to read the material, take quizzes and get certified by YCADA.  For the first time, coaches get the inside story on how teams are judged.  We don't hold back the details.  If you want to see the magic behind the math, this course is designed for you. 

Don't just guess what the judges are looking for and hope for the best.  Now coaches can get step-by-step tips on building routines that meet skill requirements and learn how to coach your team to perform with the type of execution technique judges want to see. 

This course is designed specifically for the Youth Cheer & Dance market.  YCADA has adopted the same technology that powers JAMZ Cheer & Dance amazing scoring system.  Whether you're a first-time coach or consider yourself a veteran, you will learn more about scoring and skill choreography.

If you'd like to offer a YCADA training course for your league, contact us to learn how YCADA can help.  We know how busy you are as a coach and we want to make your job easier!  YCADA knows Youth.  Let us take your team to the next level! 

Visit the YCADA Official Website for More Information

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