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Pop Warner Praises Pac-12 for Limiting Contact at Practices

Practice_articleLANGHORNE, PA – The PAC-12 this week took a dramatic step in the concussion issue when it announced it was changing rules around contact in practices.  The move follows the heralded rule changes first introduced last year by Pop Warner football.

Today, Jon Butler, Executive Director of Pop Warner Little Scholars, the oldest and largest youth football organization, praised the PAC-12 for its move.

“We commend the Pac-12 and Commissioner Larry Scott on their announcement yesterday to adopt a policy limiting contact in football practice."

"Last year, we were the first youth sports organization to institute a rule change limiting contact in practice," continued Butler.  "The practice was well received by coaches, parents and players. We saw favorable results last season and are reviewing how we can continuously make the game safer for our young athletes. The great sport of football is always evolving and we are glad to see these changes on the collegiate level. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun playing environment for our young athletes and the PAC-12’s changes show their commitment to do the same in college football.”

Pop Warner’s contact rule change that was announced last June and took effect during the 2012 season mandated the following:

1)  Coaches will reduce the amount of contact at each practice to a maximum of 1/3 of practice time (either 40 minutes total of each practice or 1/3 of total weekly practice time.) In this context, “contact” means any drill or scrimmage in which players go full-speed with contact- e.g. one-on-one blocking and/or tackling drills; down line vs. down line full-speed drills; and/or scrimmages.

2)  No full-speed head-on blocking or tackling drills in which players line up more than 3 yards apart. Having two linemen in stances immediately across from the line of scrimmage from each other is permissible. Coaches may have full-speed drills where the players approach each other at an angle, but not straight ahead into each other. There should be NO head-to-head contact.

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