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Challenger Cheerleaders to Perform for First Lady in D.C.

CDPW-articleCOLONIE, N.Y. - A very special invitation for 14 Pop Warner cheerleaders straight from the White House, to perform at the President's Council on physical fitness in two weeks.

They're apart of the "Angels" cheer team from Colonie Pop Warner, made up of children with special needs from across the Capital Region.

"This will be a trip of a lifetime," says cheerleader Cassandra Cole. "Just performing!  It doesn't have to be someone like the President, all I care about is just cheerleading."

"I'm really proud, it's my first time ever going with Pop Warner, I never did it before," adds cheerleader Jessica Klein.

Cole and her teammates all have special needs and typically cheer for the Challenger flag football team in the Capital Region.

But in two weeks, they will have a chance to show off their skills for the First Lady, who has made physical fitness among children a priority.

"We're looking forward to giving these kids their shining moment and letting their parents see their moment to shine," says Martha Vadney, the president of Colonie Pop Warner. Vadney says she couldn't believe it when she got word the team had been invited.

Now, the challenge is to raise $8,000 in just a couple of weeks for the trip.

"Our angels could really use an angel," says Vadney.

Vadney says the opportunity for these children is an honor. As for Cole, she has just one wish.

"To see Mrs. Obama or maybe the President smile," she says.

The angels will perform in Washington D.C. on May 7th.  Click Here for the ABC News10.com article.