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2012 Panini Pop Warner NFL Sticker Collection Promotion

Sticker Album 2012Panini, the exclusive trading and sticker partner of Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc., is introducing the 2012 Pop Warner NFL Sticker Promotion – and ALL Pop Warner programs are invited to participate!

For the third straight year, Panini’s Pop Warner NFL Sticker Collection brings back the special concussion awareness page developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and will outfit up to five Pop Warner teams with new football helmets.  For the second year in a row, Panini has incorporated Pop Warner into the sticker album.

Here are few highlights from this year’s collection:

  • Pop Warner has a dedicated two-page spread in the 2012 Panini NFL Sticker Collection!
    • Features 7 Pop Warner Stickers
    • Sticker of two NFL stars and former PW players:  Ray Rice (Baltimore) and Matt Ryan (Atlanta)
    • Pop Warner Logo, Panini/Pop Warner Classic Logo, and three images from the 2011 Pop Warner Super Bowl
    • Special section highlighting Pop Warner/CDC guidelines for identifying the signs and symptoms of a concussion
  • National Promotion open to ALL consumers:  Spell “FOOTBALL” and win Prizes like t-shirts, Score Football Trading Cards and randomly inserted autographed photos and mini-helmets of current and former NFL players!
  • Plus! New this year - Panini offers consumers the opportunity to send in empty 2012 Panini Sticker wrappers for exchange of a wide selection of high quality Panini-branded bags, including kid’s wallets, pencil bags and many more!


As part of the CDC and Pop Warner’s ongoing initiative to raise concussion awareness, Panini is excited to bring back the Pop Warner Sticker Wrapper Redemption program beginning today! 

Teams that collect 1,500 sticker wrappers will be eligible to win a Panini team sponsorship for new football helmets.  (Special rules apply).

Pop Warner Teams are encouraged to collect 2012 Panini NFL Sticker Wrappers (must be 2012 wrappers to qualify) between July 27–November 9, 2012 and have your team administrator submit them to Panini (with postmarked envelope) no later than November 9 to:

2012 Panini America Pop Warner Wrapper Offer
5325 FAA Blvd.  Suite 100
Irving Texas 75061

Panini America is even helping Pop Warner teams get started!  Contact Panini to receive your own 2012 Pop Warner NFL Sticker Collection Team Kit – Get started today!

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